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Exhibit: “Beyond the Daily Life” Art Basel, Miami

During Art Basel Miami 2009, I worked with curator Julian Navarro on “Beyond the Daily Life”, an installation based exhibition mounted in a 10,000 square foot exhibition space adjacent to the Center for Visual Communication¬†featuring large scale works by artist Teresa Diehl and artist-duo Guerra de la Paz.

Teresa Diehl presented an immersive video installation that enveloped visitors within a tranquil, highly meditative environment, an alternate space far removed from the intensity of life’s daily events and routines. An additional sculptural installation constructed a floor-to-ceiling mountain made entirely from delicate glycerin soap. Hundreds of three-inch miniature figurines in the form of sheep being carried by women, calmly climbed to the mountain’s peak as the sound of helicopters looped ominously.

Guerra de la Paz presented three monumental works using recycled apparel in meticulously woven, playful sculptures addressing relics that often define an individual’s personality and commenting on environmental issues, mass consumption and disposability. A separate, almost hidden room, revealed two sculptural forms of male figures in business suits, neckties emerging as cobra heads and a briefcase being exchanged, “Sealing the Deal“.

A review detailing the exhibition, with video, can be viewed at this LINK


Posted: December 1st, 2009
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