June 28 through August 18, 2013
Curated by Keith Schweitzer and Jason Patrick Voegele

For Which it Stands is a show about America. With 17 artists in the exhibition, and 13 different nations represented, one may wonder how this show speaks about America. My answer to this is that we cannot speak about America without speaking about people from other places in the world. We’ve all arrived here from somewhere else, either directly or at some other point in our family lineage. We’re a nation of immigrants, and our national culture is dynamic, always in flux, influenced by the cultures that are brought here. America is a remix, an experiment held together by systems and rules that give us order but also generous latitude to be who we are as individuals.

For Which It Stands is also a show about influences. We, as a nation, are as influenced by those who come here as they are influenced by coming here themselves. This is very observable in New York, where it seems to happen right before your eyes in real time, particularly on the Lower East Side. Then these combinations, unified under one flag, influence externally and project outward to nations outside of our own. It’s a feedback loop, an array of intercontinental Möbius strips, and it’s beautiful. The artists and artworks in the show help to tell this story.”
– Keith Schweitzer

Artists: Orlando Arocena, Raul Ayala, Chong Gon Byun, Liset Castillo, Alexis Duque, Alessandra Expósito, Kira Nam Greene, Kent Henricksen, Jung S. Kim, Fay Ku, Annu Palakunnathu Matthew, Esperanza Mayobre, Levan Mindiashvili, Sirikul Pattachote, Shahpour M. Pouyan, Saya Woolfalk and Siebren Versteeg


Posted: June 28th, 2013
Categories: Art Indoors
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